Magento. The Goog, the Bad, the Ugly – Introduction

My adventure with Magento began in 2017 when I was hired in one of the companies that successfully implements this platform for large players on the Polish market, and slowly gaining customers also outside the country. During this time, I participated in the implementation and support of several projects of varying scale and level of complexity. I have also came across different personalities with different knowledge, experience and beliefs among developers and programmers as well as people involved from business side.

During polish edition of Meet Magento in 2018, the next stage of my adventure with the platform was a contribution. Small, because a lot of my time was taken by current work, but after only some commits, specific conclusions could be drawn. During the conference itself, I’ve learned a few equally interesting things.

After decent amount of time of observing the community that develops and implements Magento, I decided to resume writing the blog primarily due to the fact that a lot of people make mistakes even approaching the Magento, primarily treating it as the ultimate determinant of all good and evil in the world. I often have difficulties with learning and assimilating new, more and more difficult things myself, which is why I’m treating the #magentotherightway both as a critique of what is bad and also to give a helping hand to those who have similar problems to me.

As an introduction I would like to draw your attention to a very important thing that I would like to emphasize in each entry – Magento is just a tool. What I notice most often is that developers forget about the fact that there is a lot of other technologies around, that not everything can be done in Magento, and sometimes it is good to think whether this particular functionality is not drawn beyond Magento. As you will see, not everything that Magento does, is correct.

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