PSD2 is great… but it’s not a big deal.

On September 14th, PSD2 came to live and the same day I read an article saying that “everybody can have access to your private account now”. I was like “Say whaaaaaa…?”.

The second version of PSD introduces several things in online banking, including it is assumed to be a definition of open banking, which means that banks are obliged to provide the payment service provider with a standardized method of accessing their resources. This, as intended, will unify the rules on the payment market and reduce the costs of online transactions. This does not mean, however, that from now on everyone will have access to my bank account anyway.

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Diary entry – Tuesday, September 5th

Dear diary, Shoplifter turned out to be a dead end. After couple of weeks of getting deeper into it, management said it would be better to focus on Magneto rather than anything else that is barely visible on market. Also the only client interested in Shoplifter resigned :/

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Obfuscation with Cesar Cipher

Cryptography is everywhere. Securing data, connections, authorizations, anonymity, cryptocurrency, blockchain. Everywhere. Lately I’ve been digging into cryptography and found out that I know nothing about it. Or not as much as I thought. As for myself cryptography was underestimate and at least used incorrectly.

I’m going to share my journey with cryptography, but please take it with a grain of salt, because I’m not an expert (yet?) in this area. It will be more of a paraphrase of what I’ve learn so far. Make notice, that if you also don’t have any skills in cryptography, all you’ll need to know for start is basic algebra. Nothing more. OK maybe basic knowledge of PHP will be also helpful ;)

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Diary entry – Wednesday, 5th July

Dear diary, looks like my adventure with Magneto ends before it starts. Michael – CEO – came and told me that they want to try new platform – Shoplifter. This is some german E-commerce engine they want me to try out and learn. We’re about to get a partnership with Shoplifter so this sounds like a big deal for the company.

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Diary entry – Thursday, 1st June

Dear diary, it’s been a while since we’ve talk. Last week I’ve had a final interview in this Timid Limited company. They do e-commerce on Magneto. I’ve talked to them month ago and thought that they forgot about me. Looks like my lack of knowledge in Magneto ain’t an issue. CTO told me, they want to use my experience to move company to the next level. I’m supposed to show them some good practices in web development and introduce new tools and approach for better quality. We’ll see. Sounds promising.

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When developer becomes a senior developer

As I roam around from one interview to another I get to resolve various tests, questions and situations on senior level. Lately I had the best interview I’ve ever had. Or at least I think about it that way. I’m not going to share the name of a company, because I hope I’ll get an offer to work there and don’t want to jinx it. Anyway after that interview I started to wonder what really makes a senior developer. So here are my thoughts. Disclaimer: it’s only based on my experience and observations. I don’t expect you to agree with me.

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Magento – Certification

A little disclaimer first. I’m not going to actually write only about certification in Magento but rather certification itself. I only have one certification and never took any exam beside the ones at school or college. Especially the one in Magento. All I’m about to do here is to show my point of view about certifications as they are, what are the value of certification for me, maybe point out some problems that I encountered. The topic came to me in connection with the Magento certification.

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