Magento – Certification

A little disclaimer first. I’m not going to actually write only about certification in Magento but rather certification itself. I only have one certification and never took any exam beside the ones at school or college. Especially the one in Magento. All I’m about to do here is to show my point of view about certifications as they are, what are the value of certification for me, maybe point out some problems that I encountered. The topic came to me in connection with the Magento certification.

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Magento. The Goog, the Bad, the Ugly – Introduction

My adventure with Magento began in 2017 when I was hired in one of the companies that successfully implements this platform for large players on the Polish market, and slowly gaining customers also outside the country. During this time, I participated in the implementation and support of several projects of varying scale and level of complexity. I have also came across different personalities with different knowledge, experience and beliefs among developers and programmers as well as people involved from business side.

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The harder the heart…

It’s hard to be a programmer nowadays and it’s not because all the technology that is also changing so fast. You can always learn new tools, languages and stuff in finite amount of time. There are many programming languages with entry threshold so low it’s easy and fun to learn them. A lot of additional software works out of the box, so they can be tested almost without any cost.

It’s people that make this difficult.

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